Cheogajip Chicken – Korea’s representative Yangnyeom Chicken

Cheogajip Chicken is a chicken brand that gained huge popularity in Korea in the 1980s.
It gained great popularity as Yangnyeom Chicken and is still famous for Yangnyeom Chicken.
It is a famous brand that has been holding out in the Korean chicken market for more than 30 years.

A branch was opened in Houston, USA in 1992
Currently, branches are also open in China and Taiwan.

Cheogajip means the wife’s home.
In Korea, there is a custom in which mother-in-law cooks chicken for her son-in-law so it is presumed that Cheogajip was used for brand use.

Cheogajip Chicken

There are many chicken menus in Cheogajip Chicken, but they always order BanBan(half and half) chicken.
The basic composition of delivery is as above.
It comes with a can of soda, chicken mu and salt.

Cheogajip Chicken

Half fried chicken and half Yangnyeom Chicken are separated.
The salad on the right is added at a cost.

Cheogajip Chicken

The fried powder of fried chicken is not as thin as it is in today’s style. But it’s not as thick as Old Style.

Cheogajip Chicken

Yangnyeom Chicken has maintained its taste for more than 30 years.
The red color of the Yangnyeom Chicken sauce seems to be spicy, but it does not have a spicy taste, and it tastes sweet and quite vegetables.

Cheogajip Chicken

The salad at a Korean chicken restaurant is a sliced cabbage topped with ketchup and mayonnaise.

Cheogajip Chicken

It has been in the competitive Chicken market in Korea for more than 30 years, and seasoned chicken continues its taste.

In Korea, where chicken with an increasingly stimulating taste is being released, it is not easy to maintain its old taste and gain popularity.

If you want to taste Korean chicken in the 1980s, I recommend you to try Cheogajip Chicken.
If you are traveling to Korea with your children, Cheogajip Yangnyeom Chicken is probably the best chicken for children to eat.

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