Hyundai The all-new Tucson 2022 teaser

Hyundai The all-new Tucson 2022

Hyundai Motor unveiled its fourth-generation Tucson teaser image on Thursday.

The design feels like an electric car, and it shows a different look from the Tucson.
The design of the Avante, Sonata, and Grandeur has changed dramatically, and Tucson’s design seems to follow suit.

Most noticeable is that the daytime running lights are quite impressive.

Hyundai The all-new Tucson 2022

The interior also shows a different design than before.

Hyundai The all-new Tucson 2022

The design has changed so much that it’s hard to say.


Along with the Avante, I personally think Hyundai Motor Company’s best-made vehicle is the Tucson.

In Korea, Tucson will be announced on September 15th.
It will be released in Korea this year and is expected to start selling overseas next year.

Defective issues of Hyundai Motor’s new cars that are being released these days are quite controversial in Korea.
It seems to start selling overseas after it was released in Korea first and corrected some defects, but I hope there will be no big problem with Tucson this time.

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