Do You Like Brahms? K-Drama starts well

The newly started drama, Do You Like Brahms?
After a long time, a calm and calm drama began to air.

The characteristic of Do You Like Brahms? drama is that it is the work of a new artist.
This is the first full-length drama by Ryu Bo-ri, who was acclaimed for his(or her) short drama “Everything And Nothing“.
The beginning of the Do You Like Brahms? drama is very good, given that viewers have already begun to search and comment on Ryu Bo-ri.

It’s a drama about young people’s romance, and it also has realistic content and delicate feelings.

Kim Min-jae and Park Eun-bin are expected to appear as classical musicians and show delicate and emotional performances.

It is expected to be distributed late on OTT such as Netflix due to its airing on SBS.

I think I have a color that goes well with Do You Like Brahms? dramas during this period of summer and fall.

I should watch the drama comfortably after a long time.

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