Chamisul Original – 20.1% Soju

Filtered 4 times using bamboo charcoal to remove the cause of hangovers.
With higher ABV content than regular soju, Jinro Chamisul Original is a favorite among those who enjoy the authentic, rich flavor of soju.

From HiteJinro
Chamisul Original - 20.1% Soju

Korean liquor and soju
The ABV (Alcohol by volume) of soju, which Koreans drink the most, was 25%.
In the beginning, it was 30 %.

It started to fall slightly in 1998, then fell below 20% in 2007, and down to 16.9% as of 2021.

Like Chumchurum, Jinro and Chamisul Fresh are all 16.9 % ABV.

Chamisul Original was released for people who don’t like soju with lower ABV.
The Chamisul Original is 20.1 % ABV, which protects 20 percent of the psychological resistance line.

Chamisul Original shows a clear distinction with a red lid.

If you feel that Korean soju is weak, it would be better to find Chamisul Original.

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