One of my favorite alcohol, named Sansachun

You can read just like this, San-sa-chun

I am writing down a information about Sansachun received from manufacture Baesangmyun  Brewery co. Ltd.

About Sansachun

1)  Alcohol type : Yak-ju (rice wine)
2) Alc. : 14%
3) Bottle capacity : 300/375/500ml
4) Ingredients: Rice, yeast, cornus fruits, hawthornberry

A wine brewed with cornus fruits and hawthornberry.
An alcoholic beverage found in many historical documents since the latter period of Chosun Dynasty.
It has more than 400 years of history.
Fragrance of fruits is harmonized with the remarkable taste.
Boiled food and any kind of meat are good to be served with Sansachun.
Its great taste, scent and no hangovers are acquired through the Raw-rice Ferment Technology and
long fermenting process in low temperature.

BSMB’s differentiated method made Sansachun to be the finest alcoholic beverage in Korea.

* Hawthornberry

Hawthorn is an effective treatment for stomachache, dyspepsia and intestinal disorders.
It is widely used to treat angina, congestive heart failure, cardiac arrhythmia and high blood pressure.
Hawthornberry is still used for many medicines for therapeutic purposes.

* Cornus fruits

Cornus fruits bring back balance  to body, offer nutrition to skin, optimize blood circulation and
help the body retrieve the balance. Cornus fruits are also used in many skincare products.

The meaning of Sansachun : “Sansa (hawthorn) + Chun (springtime)”

Chun (春) is a suffix for good wines. That means a wine jar (dialect) as well as springtime.
Chun (springtime) implies the new start of a traditional alcoholic beverage.

Sansachun: “An alcoholic beverage which brings hope and springtime of life (vitality) to the traditional alcoholic beverage markets in Asia”

Actually I did not know meaning of Sansachun before get a above information.
I also have chance to know about Sansachun.

Sansachun is not stronger the Soju.
So If you are feeling about the Soju, like a strong or not easy to drink, I recommend the Sansachun.
Specially if you have chance to eat seasoned meat such as Dwaeji Galbi, Bulgogi, Dakgalbi so far,
I strongly recommend it.

Price : around 3,500 KRW(grocery store), around 7,000KRW(restaurant)

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