Kia K5 is more popular than Hyundai Sonata in Korea.

Best selling car, Sonata is loosing position in Korea.
6th generation Sonata, Korean called it YF Sonata.

Tow month ago, Kia motors release new generation of Optima, K5
K5 was sold 10,673, YF Sonata was sold 9,957 for June 2010 in Korea.

Kia K5

Since 1st generation Sonata was released, a mount of selling was always top position in Korea.
I think Sonata is just meet a good rival.
The Design of K5 is a really great.

K5 will be release in USA, another country on next October as Optima, I hope come with good result.

My car is a 2002 model of Optima. If I need change a my car, I will spend money for K5.

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