Samgyeopsal (Grilled Pork Belly)

A restaurant that can be easily found when visiting Korea is a Gogigib (Gogigib refers to a restaurant that specializes in selling pork or beef.) that sells Samgyeopsal.
As a large number of Gogigibs tell you, Samgyeopsal is easy to eat.
Let’s learn about Samgyeopsal, a part of pork that Koreans enjoy eating.

What is Samgyeopsal?

Samgyeopsal refers to pork attached around pork ribs.

It is called Samgyeopsal because the fat looks three layers overlapped.
If you look at Samgyeopsal, it is in the order of fat – lean meat – fat – lean meat.

  • Sam : Number 3
  • Gyeop : layers
  • Sal : Meat

Samgyeopsal can be easily purchased at a local butcher’s or mart, and the price ranges from 2,000 won to 3,000 won for 100 grams.
As Koreans’ preference for Samgyeopsal has worsened, prices have increased compared to other pork parts.

The reason why Samgyeopsal is delicious.

The reason Samgyeopsal is delicious is because of its rich fat.
When you grill Samgyeopsal, Samgyeopsal produces a lot of pork oil.
In so much pork oil, Samgyeopsal is eventually grilled as if it were fried.
So Samgyeopsal is quite savory.

How to cook Samgyeopsal

Samgyeopsal does not do seasoning.
All you have to do is grill it over a strong fire.
You can grill it with the idea of frying it with oil from Samgyeopsal.

And bake garlic, mushrooms, bean sprouts, kimchi, etc. together with oil from Samgyeopsal.

How to eat Samgyeopsal

The way you eat Samgyeopsal differs depending on your individual taste.
The reason is that there are many kinds of vegetables to eat with Samgyeopsal.

Lettuce and perilla leaves are the basic vegetables to wrap.
On top of that, you can make many combinations such as seasoned green onions, raw pepper, raw garlic, kimchi, and onions soaked in soy sauce.

Put lettuce on your hand and put rice and Samgyeopsal on top of lettuce basically.
And you can add more vegetables you like and wrap them up.

The most recommended food for foreigners traveling to Korea is Samgyeopsal.
There are recommended foods such as bulgogi, samgyetang, and tteokbokki, but if there is no problem eating pork, it is definitely the most recommended food by Samgyeopsal.

When you eat Samgyeopsal, it is recommended to wrap it with lettuce.
As you eat, you have to eat vegetables so much that you can’t tell whether you’re eating vegetables or Samgyeopsal.

Except for Samgyeopsal and rice in lettuce, you can decide what to put according to your preference.

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