Gimmari is one of Twigim you can see at snack bars in Korea.
It is usually sold with Tteokbokki and Sundae or Gimbap.


What is Gimmari

Gimmari is a food similar to gimbap in the form of seaweed wrapped in contents.
Season boiled glass noodles with pepper and other spices.
Gimmari wrapped this glass noodle with seaweed and fried it.


The problem with Gimmari

Gimmari can be easily found in Korean snack bars along with tteokbokki.
The problem is that it becomes increasingly difficult to meet delicious Gimmari.

Gimmari is a food that requires a lot of manpower.
Gimmari which used to be handmade at snack bars, is now fried and sold frozen Gimmari.
So the taste is gradually decreasing.

If you order it with tteokbokki and dip it in the sauce of tteokbokki, it’s edible.

But you don’t have to eat delicious Gimmari with tteokbokki.
Rather, it is so good to eat with beer.
Or it’s enough to eat Gimmari alone.

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