Hangjeongsal is meat from the back of the pig’s neck to the shoulder.
It is a rare meat that comes out about 200g per pig.
Because of this scarcity, it is more expensive than Samgyeopsal and Moksal.


The characteristics of Hangjeongsal

Hangjeongsal is densely fatty in light-colored lean meat.
It is similar to watching marbling of beef.

When Hangjeongsal is baked, the crispy taste and savory taste are superior to Samgyeopsal.

Some Gogigib (Gogigib refers to a restaurant that specializes in selling pork or beef.) that sell pork basically sell Samgyeopsal and Moksal, but not Hangjeongsal.

If you visited a Gogigib in Korea and there is Hangjeongsal on the menu, I recommend ordering Hangjeongsal even for one person.

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